1. 엄마도 날 사랑했어

    2024-06-05 15:00:00 UTC
    When I speak to you I speak while listening to my mother’s voice, connected to the integral thread of missing people in my life I’ve only known through a diminished body of one or two sentences. The vulnerability breaks me & directly to my heart it unveils a forgotten softness…

  2. Teddy

    2024-02-10 15:45:39 UTC
    Being your mommy is every star I’ve known made true. 

  3. Alley Angel

    2023-11-17 23:23:24 UTC
    Reminding me of teenage angst:  Brazenly thoughtless, full hearted & exposed… Together we share a union of thoughts. Maybe a treat. Sleep. A chase. A Lucid daydream.

  4. LoveBirds

    2023-11-16 00:02:24 UTC
    Quarreling silences in space & sight,  Billowing light says goodnight, Pink honey kisses through all the sky.

  5. Oregon Trail

    2023-11-15 23:48:50 UTC
    One of my first teachers often kept packs of Knotts Berry Farm shortbread cookies as I pioneered the great plains of Oregon Trail on dial up. Her twin scotties would run under all the empty desks after hours, grinning ear to ear, weaving through the class. My days were enthralled…

  6. 널 사랑해

    2023-11-15 23:47:20 UTC
    Pen & ink on paper 9 x 12” Inspired by Josephine Miles’ poetry, perspective, and confessional. Her work described the difficulties and complexity of the world of an academic who resisted being identified as a disabled body. A few words of her poetry are translated in the Korean language and…

  7. 1970s Telephone Bag

    2023-11-15 23:41:56 UTC

  8. Enid Collins

    2023-11-15 23:37:54 UTC
    Lemon Frog Shop Los Angeles 2017

  9. Remnant Fabric Pencil Case

    2021-10-17 20:36:34 UTC
    I made a travel sketch roll up since all the roll ups  are a bit pricey. The biggest piece is made from the sleeves of Eddie Murphy - Last Image. As leather is bought by the skin, I had a remaining piece I needed to use :) The other leather…

  10. Japanese Cotton Rooster Crop

    2020-04-01 15:21:39 UTC
    Self fabric:  StoneMountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley, Ca Ribbon: Upcycled found tie from a vintage dress

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